CNC Programmer

Job Summary:
With minimal supervision, has the ability to do 3-D modeling, create required geometry and generate tool and cutter paths for all NC equipment and do complex tool design.
Essential Functions:
- Develop tooling and manufacturing concepts for: complex parts and assemblies, manufacturing processes with application of new technology, cost/benefit analysis of manufacturing alternatives, and provide technical expertise in engineering, manufacturing, resource planning, and new business initiatives with only directional guidance from senior management
- Provide manufacturing process support
- Create, test, and maintain computer design modeling tools, used in accelerating the generation of product design data
- Design forming patterns, complex assembly fixtures such as weld fixtures, mill fixtures, laser fixtures, assembly fixtures, etc.
- Generate programs for 3 and 4-axis milling machines, and other machines as required
- Control and maintain data transfers to meet D1-9000 requirements
- Manage multi-projects to meet schedule requirements
- Work overtime when needed
- May be called upon to come into work on short notice
Essential Mental Functions:
Must understand vague and implicit instructions, and react favorably in all work situations. Must be mentally adaptable and flexible in dealing with a variety of people. Is frequently called upon to handle difficult situations. Must be able to communicate providing feedback in a professional manner. Must be able to answer questions in a professional and friendly manner. Requires occasional public contact. Must be able to handle stressful situations in a professional manner.
Essential Physical Functions:
Requires sitting for prolonged periods. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines such as computer, photocopier, calculator, etc. Requires vision correctable to within normal range for designing, spreadsheets, etc. Requires ability to give and receive communication to different levels of the organization
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
- Ability to use CAD/CAM programs; CAD KEY solids modeler, SURFCAM surface modeler.
- Thorough understanding of mechanics, metallurgy, processing, tooling and manufacturing, productivity, cost/benefits relationships, and the ability of assessing opportunities and limitations of advanced technology.
- Complex design problem solving.
- Ability to stay on task, design and problem solve with minimal supervision.
- Strong mathematical background.
Minimum Requirements:
Experience in CAD/CAM design programming. Experience also desired in Master Cam Lathes Live Tooling with Multi-axis Milling. Degree in Engineering Technologies or CAD/CAM related studies or: 5 years direct relevant work experience with appropriate vocational training.
Strong design graphics background. Beneficial to have strong mathematics, chemistry, welding, machining, and metal forming knowledge.
Phone: 801-732-2000
Please complete applications online at www.peterseninc.com

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