Piano Instructor

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and teach a brand new piano method called Rhythm Road. You will be instructed on this method and will be expected to give live webcam feedback to students who are taking lessons on-line. The lessons have already been created in video format but the feedback that comes from you and your individualized attention to each student will be critical to each student's progress. Feedback sessions are 30 minutes a piece at $10 per session. This position allows you to teach from your own home or private studio.
Applicant should be a proficient pianist with a sound understanding of music theory and technique. Previous teaching experience a definite bonus! You will be the reason students pursue these lessons and keep coming back for more. Must be encouraging and inspiring to work with. A passion for music and teaching is essential.
It is also vital that the applicant have quiet, undisturbed time in which to conduct these feedback sessions. Because the sessions are conducted on-line and the time is paid for in advance, and as we're trying to establish a strong clientele, the instructor must be reliable and consistently prompt both in starting and ending feedback sessions.
Contact: Sarah
Phone: 801-360-1936
Email: rhythmroadpianolessons@gmail.com
No resume necessary. Please email a description of your musical background both as a student and as a teacher to rhythmroadpianolessons@gmail.com. If you qualify, you'll be contacted for an interview at which time further information will be given.

Don't Be Fooled

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